Today we’re pleased to announce the release of the RADAR Signal Portal! This bot allows communities to connect to RADAR’s #signal channels and collaboratively share our most cutting edge discoveries.

From #gaming and #fashion to #labour and #social good, our RADAR members discuss emerging #signals every day, and what they may mean for our future. In fact, the RADAR community has over 30+ #signal-channels and now select communities are able to have exclusive access and become part of this exciting conversation.

Connect channels from your community to the RADAR Community
Connect channels from your community to the RADAR Community

Why is the Signal Portal important to us?

It’s a hard truth that we construct personal filter bubbles through our media consumption: the people we follow on Twitter, the type of media platforms we look at, the podcasts we listen to, the articles we read - all of this narrows our view and often creates echo-chambers.

As we move further into inclusive/exclusive communities, (with barriers to entry), we see these bubbles constrict our insight even further. While this creates stronger and safer spaces for many, sometimes it means losing the beautiful cross-pollination of other perspectives, unexpected discoveries, and healthy discussion which pushes thinking further. The Signal Portal will help break through our bubbles by connecting communities and giving members of both servers access to one another’s thinking. The Signal Portal will mean we make even more discoveries, together.

A closer look into RADAR’s Signal Channels and sharing

The RADAR HQ (our Discord Server) is divided into 5 Categories: People and Planet, Creative, Tech, Health & Wellness and Identity. Each Category is further divided into sub-channels, allowing members to post discovered #signals in the channels most relevant.

Our channels
Our channels

Within sub-channels, RADAR uses a thread-only approach. Thread-only means it's easier to categorize, navigate and spot patterns - allowing us to build out our trend constellations. Thread-only also means we can have deeper discussions by offering builds, arguments and evidence, (rather than just dropping links), without contributions becoming lost in Discord noise.

And the process of sharing threads is easy! You simply create a thread in the relevant sub-channel, name the signal/trend, share your reference(s) and start the conversation. If there is already a relevant conversation happening in another sub-channel with similar signals, you can add your signal(s) to that existing thread!

We encourage members not to treat Discord as an inbox zero, but instead to choose channels they’re interested in to focus their energy on.

To learn more about trend constellations, take a look here, and you can find a full list of channels here.

C2C Partnerships

Community to Community partnerships are an important part of RADAR. We want to collaborate with the best and most interesting communities on subjects that they are passionate about, whether that’s basketball, social justice or mental fitness.

We want to develop these relationships so these connected communities become our research partners. By leveraging the collective power of our communities together, we’ll achieve the core mission of RADAR: to explore better futures.

If you’re interested in collaborating by connecting a channel, sharing #signals and building towards better futures, fill out the application form for your community to partner with RADAR.

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