An Update on the Future

Hey RADAR Family,

It's been just over 2 weeks since we relaunched RADAR. We’re on a mission to onboard the next 1000 futurists into web3 as we collectively build the first community owned and powered futures engine.

So, we think it’s time for an update - what we’ve been up to, where we’re going and what’s already emerging in the community through working squads, ideas and products.

💖 Join us to Build Inclusive Futures

We’re proud to share the formation of the Inclusive Futures Squad. Inclusion has been a key focus from day 0 and serves in many ways as the foundation of RADAR’s values. This working group emerged to ensure accessibility within RADAR, and to hold us accountable to inclusive practices in our vision of building better futures.

The Inclusive Futures Squad is passionate about ensuring that our futures and research processes are accessible, aware and generous. We understand that this is an ongoing journey that will consistently change and adapt to the needs of our community - and we know we don’t have the answers yet.

Work done to date includes an update to the accessibility of our application, a change to our onboarding process, and focus on a proposal bringing leading web3 communities and orgs together to support this exploration.

Questions we’re asking;

  • What the future of inclusivity looks like in web3 and why do we need it?
  • What is the current inclusivity landscape across web2 projects entering web3?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges for inclusivity within the web3 space?
  • How can web3 tooling, communications, and community design be more inclusive through design decisions?
  • How can web3 communities can unlearn processes and tap into other cultures, like ancient cultures, nuero-divergent communities and more.

If you’re passionate about asking these questions or want to support them, we’d love you to join us and check out the hub.

✨ The RADAR Signals Extension

Over in the Product Squad, RADAR has been making progress on our first evolution of the RADAR signals extension, a way for community members to share directly from their browsers into the relevant signals channels.

Discovered a compelling  article and want to share your thoughts in #aesthetics, #design or #brands-and-media - but don’t have the bandwidth to open the Discord? No problem, the signals bot will share it for you and you can pick up the conversation in the channel later!

The RADAR Signals Extension is part of our wider effort to build tools which aid community curation without the noise and depth of Discord. We love the space we’ve built on the platform - but envision Discord as just a single piece in our toolkit in sourcing, curating, and incubating signals. We aim to enable our community to spend just as much time interacting with and observing the world around them as diving into discussion and analysis in our servers.

Stay tuned for more visuals and updates on this work and other RADAR products coming soon.

🥚 RADAR Incubator

A few weeks ago, we laid out our vision on not just discovering the future, but incubating and delivering it. So, what did we mean by “incubate”? ?

At RADAR, the incubate stage is where we take our research process and turn it into reality together.

A place where we “ideate, incubate, nurture and prototype ideas through speculative design, creative thinking, hackathons and round-tables to create solutions to the possible futures we’ve identified — whether through products, concepts, services, communities, or whatever else best answers our hypotheses.”

This week, we kicked off the planning process, bringing together a squad to imagine how we might bring this to life through community hackathons, prototyping and creative processes - powered by a generous usage of the egg emoji.

This process of shaping a brief, planning a Futurethon and deciphering post sensemaking awaits those who hit the egg emoji. If that sounds your !vibe… apply to RADAR and jump into #incubate-stage.

🧪 RADAR Alchemists

As RADAR’s squads continue to grow more autonomous, we’re prioritising a network of Alchemists, ‘stewards of squads who transform things for the better’.

Alchemists are recognised members who have deep context and focus for what RADAR is building and help other members onboard and contribute to the call to adventure.

Our goal for Alchemists is to also share, learn and lead together in a peer-led way, creating more consistency & better experience for contributors across squads & developing a RADAR best practice for stewarding.

As RADAR has a deep culture of #gratitudes, Alchemists are given $SIGNAL tokens in order to share and show appreciation of contributions to the RADAR squads.

🧠 Collective Intelligence

As part of our emerging research process, we’re exploring how collective intelligence and Psi can be used to help build truly innovative DAO discussion. Psi is a tool used for facilitation and decentralised group discussions and solutions through civic discussion and knowledge networks.

We’re looking forward to building this process into RADAR to allow for greater attribution and collaboration on-chain.

⭐️ Tokenomics & The Futures Protocol

Oh my…we’ve been deep down the rabbit hole building out tokenomics for RADAR reports, Futures Protocol and Proof of Future NFT.

Some teasers below (and more coming soon):

  • What if we used 0xSplits to reward contributors every time a RADAR report is sold?
  • What if you could own your #signals data, building a personal proof of future to signal digital reputation and expertise?
  • What if you could stake on the futures you believed in, and were rewarded when they came true?

If you’re interested in exploring how RADAR is using web3 technologies and tokenomics to build the future of futures, apply to join or reach out to Fancy | PRTN#4355

🤝 #Research-Help

RADAR has launched #research-help, where members can share briefs, projects, articles,  and ideas they’re working on to collectively crowdsource knowledge.

As futurists traditionally, a lot of research is done in silos. Sometimes we’re even protective of it, secretive to a point… when in reality with mutual generosity and respect, we could accelerate our knowledge with a little help of others. #research-help is the place to do that.

🔗 And of course - Signals, Signals, Signals!

RADAR HQ has been packed with signals. A few things we’re feeling:

  • In #Fashion we’re !vibsing about the gilded age and how “the club kids of 1883” were wearing taxidermy cats at hats..
  • In #labour we’re questioning how the ‘chit chat economy’ may be one of the defining business stories of this decade.
  • In #mental-health we’re wondering if sleep tourism is a future designed to promote rest and relaxation.
  • In #sport we’re questioning if the prolific usage of head mounted go-pros has changed our expectation/understanding of what extreme sports should look like.
  • In #aesthetics we’re chatting about how everything-core has been named, a trend in itself: Namecore…(damn that's meta)
  • And in #lets-get-meta we’re asking on permissionless-ness vs professionalization -- "time conspires to remove the informal", do DAOs offer a return to what he notes is lost?

That’s all for now. We’re so stoked to have you along this journey  if anything you’ve read here inspires you, we’d love you to get involved. We’re on a mission to build the future of futures and the first futures engine, to discover, incubate and deliver better futures - please join us

Until next time,
Love, RADAR 💜🔮

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