Now that the Community is just about to release its first RADAR Futures Report — exploring ‘A Future in Sync’ — we’re navigating closer and closer to the Futurethon.

What’s the Futurethon?

The Futurethon is a week-long event (think: a regen hackathon) flipping the traditional model of highly competitive events focused on tech culture into an embodied practice of a better future.

Each Futurethon builds towards a different future, a center of gravity inspired by the latest RADAR Futures report. For this one, we’re incubating ‘A Future in Sync’ - imagining ideas that will help us navigate out of chaos, and get back in sync with ourselves, each other and the world around us.

Through a series of talks, events and workshops, 100’s of non-technical and technical makers, creators, thinkers and doers will work together to turn visions into reality, producing a multitude of ideas that have the potential to thrive in this future. We’ll be living into our future center of gravity, a ‘world beyond words’.

In the spirit of sustaining what emerges in the Futurethon, RADAR will come together with grant funding for the continued development of ideas to make this future a reality.

Our vision is to create a playground for ideas that live on beyond the Futurethon, building communities around them powered by our pillars of care, embodiment, play, discovery, and interconnectedness.

And most importantly all the ideas produced in the Futurethon are completely yours, there are no external forces at play or shadowy marketing agencies waiting to steal these. After the event, whether you were successful in receiving a grant or not, what you choose to do with those ideas is completely up to you, and RADAR will help in anyway it can.

So we thought it was time to share with you the incredible work the community has been doing to map an end-to-end Futurethon process.

The Futurethon process was built from scratch in the RADAR community. Over 3 collaborative workshops, 18 active contributors, hundreds of stickies, and quite literally countless egg 🥚emojis later, we mapped our values, ideated outputs, and designed our ideal regen hackathon of the future.

The result? An event designed around five key stages to manifest the future.

  1. Shaping,

  2. Visioning: Inspiration & Idea Generation,

  3. Evolving: Concept Development,

  4. Manifesting: Prototyping & Building,

  5. Sharing & Voting.

At each stage, the participants diverge and converge on ideas, surfacing the most interesting, exciting, and compelling concepts with potential to thrive in this future.

Each day will be marked by a unique digital memento (using the Proof of Attendance Protocol aka POAPs) which participants can collect at events.

Shaping (17th Sept - 17th October)

Powered by the RADAR Futures Report and our center of gravity brief, the shaping period is a month long lead up to the event, sharing updates, educating around the future we’re exploring and inspiring participants to join with what to expect.

Starting right here with this announcement. Make sure you’re following us on twitter and register to stay up to date.

Visioning - Inspiration & Idea Generation (17th October - 19th October)

The first part of the Futurethon is open and public to all, 3 days of inspiration over multiple creative sessions, talks by visionaries and events in discord, butter and twitter spaces.

This stage is all about abundance, stimulation and input. Each speaker will bring a diverse perspective in exploring a future in sync and anytime over these 3 days any participants can submit an idea proposal on our public idea platform.

Idea proposals are simple one pagers outlining the product, service, campaign or piece of media that responds to the Futurethon brief.

Evolving - Concept Development (20th October - 21st October)

The next part of the Futurethon is semi-public, open to anyone who has collected a POAP over the 3 days of public events or submitted a proposal.

Over these 2 days of concept development in the Discord HQ, channels will be created around the proposals allowing for all participants to ask questions, collaborate on ideas, and build on each other’s thinking.

Teams and small communities will form around ideas, and a floating RADAR team will help refine proposals, highlighting and matchmaking missing skill sets within the proposals, before teams resubmit for voting.

At the end of this phase, RADAR members will narrow down the ideas pool, voting over 24 hours to converge on 10 ideas to prototype in the next stage.

Any ideas that don’t progress into the next phase will live on in the public ideas pool. And the Discord server remains open for participants to collaborate on ideas and steward them beyond the Futurethon. The ideas are owned by the participants who came up with them.

Manifesting - Prototyping & Building (22nd October - 23rd October)

The build phase of the Futurethon is positioned over a weekend where teams develop their ideas in a 2-day ‘sprint’, finding time to make their visions a reality when it works for them, with the help of the full community.

Within this time, each team will have a space in the Discord HQ to work and a floating facilitator, a series of open offices and a floating lightweight tech team will be on hand to help them create MVP’s of their visions.

We’re using MVP here in the loosest sense, we envision outcomes from this event to be mockup websites, hacks, decks, visualizations of physical products, book proposals or even real life builds.

For the 10 project teams, the final ‘prototypes’ will be submitted for the public futurethon demo event.

Supporting - Ceremony: Sharing & Voting (24th October)

After teams have submitted their final prototypes, it’s time to party.

After a URL celebration, digital party and presentation by the teams, the community will come together to bask in its awesomeness and then get serious: voting on-chain for 3 projects to receive a $5,000 USDC grant each (totalling $15,000 USDC) to develop their ideas further. This is where the RADAR community helps make ‘A Future in Sync’ a reality by backing what we collectively believe in.

Post voting, whether teams were successful in receiving a grant or not, the RADAR will look to help support that vision into reality.

Wow, so that was a lot.. But there’s more.

Where will the Futurethon be held?

This Futurethon will be hosted on Discord, Twitter, and Butter (Butter is super simple to use - it’s like a more collaborative version of Zoom). The main hub will be in a specific Discord server created for the Futurethon, and designed to live on afterwards. We’ll share more details and invite you to this server in the lead up to the event, so people have time to get comfortable and make it their own.

Who is the team producing the Futurethon?

While the Futurethon was initially inspired and designed by the whole community, production has now moved to a squad level, with members including:

  • Matt Weatherall - Futurethon Instigator

  • LotusLeaf - Comms & Strategy

  • Mashal - Strategy

  • Analise - Strategy & Copywriting

  • PV - Design and Production

  • Akash - Speculative design

  • Fred Wordly - Critical Design

  • Fancy - Operations

  • Keels - Research

Who are the speakers?

We’ll release the confirmed speakers list over the next few weeks. Speakers are chosen both across web2 and web3 spaces for unexpected and inspiring perspectives on navigating the future. They’re there to help us ask better questions rather than deliver an answer and we’ll hear from both builders and thinkers with each talk ending in a series of prompts to inspire proposal ideation.

Who are we looking to participate?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably the kind of person we want to join the Futurethon!

We’re seeking makers, creators, developers, thinkers, writers, builders, dreamers who feel called to co-creating ‘A Future In Sync’.

We want to hear from visionary people who can bring their experience, skills, and vibes, and are open to working in collaborative ways. We’re interested in folx who are willing to look for new possibilities and breakthrough ideas.

Please note though, we’re looking for individuals and not teams. This is an opportunity to make new friends and build together! Rather than come with a preconceived idea, we invite you to show up, immerse yourself in the future, and see what emerges.

What are the event ‘sessions’?

We’ll be sharing more about the sessions as we near the Futurethon. Make sure you register for the Futurethon to be the first to know! As always with RADAR they’ll be super immersive and interactive so bring your coffee or tea and good vibes!

Who are the Community Partners?

We’re proud to announce our first Community partners, 7 powerful communities who align with our vision for creating a better future & seek to build together with purpose. @Metalabel_xyz @BoysClubCrypto @DreamDAO_ @ForeFront__ @BaddiesInTech @NearFutureLab @Protein.

We’ll be adding more communities into the mix in the next few weeks.

How you can get involved…

If you’re interested in being part of the Futurethon, make sure you register your interest here to get updates in the lead up to the event. We welcome everyone to immerse themselves in the future and see what emerges. We hope you can be part of it.

That’s all for now.


Your friends at RADAR

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